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How is everyone doing? Starting a podcast in January 2019.  Subscribe today! Any topics that you are interested in discussing let me know. Here is the link! Click Here!   


5 Tools You Need to CATCH A CHEATER| Cheaters| Dallas

So you want to conduct your own investigation? Okay, let us get started the first tool you need to catch a cheater is: Real-time Gps Tracker Next is a Hidden Camera Next is an Audio Recorder: Next is some Phone Software: And last of all PATIENCE! Not every case can be... Continue Reading →

Surviving a Breakup | Being Alone is OK

Breakups are never easy. I remember breaking up with my girlfriend for some very good reasons once, but then feeling that I simply couldn’t live without her the next day. No matter how bad you want the breakup, it is still hard if you care about them. And we all know that simply caring about... Continue Reading →

IMPERIAL GEL POMADE REVIEW| Men’s Hair Products| Detective Gomez

Hey guys, I’ve been using this really impressive water-based gel lately that I wanted to tell you about. As you might imagine, my job as a busy investigator requires a lot of running around, getting in and out of my car, so I need something strong that will hold my hair in place all day.... Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Dating Men with Nicknames| Dating Advice in 2018

I was talking to a friend of mine who was going on and on about a guy she called Rico, whom she was dating. She was actually head over heels for this guy and even introduced him to her kids. Recently, however, I got a pretty frantic phone call from her. She said her identity... Continue Reading →

Best Covert USB Voice Recorder with Voice Activation| Only $49.00

There are certain circumstances in which you may need to protect yourself by recording conversations without telling the other party. Texas' wiretapping law is a "one-party consent" law. In Texas, it is legal to intercept or record any "wire, oral, or electronic communication" if one party to the conversation consents. Texas Penal Code § 16.02.... Continue Reading →

What is Micro-Cheating?|Are you a Micro-Cheater?

Are You Micro-Cheating? Micro-Cheating is the new, trendy word for when someone walks on the line of cheating but does not cross it. It could be, but not limited to, texting, talking on the phone or chatting online with someone without physical contact. Micro-cheating looks different to every relationship and has any number of levels... Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Getting CATFISHED!

Catfished I get it. Maybe you just got divorced after many years, or your spouse just told you they wanted out. Maybe they’ve moved out of your bed, or worse yet, you’re on the couch. It’s over. You are feeling lonely, rejected and need physical and emotional attention, so meeting someone new online seems like... Continue Reading →

Dating Advice for Women| Finding the Right Man!

My Man   Why are women so quick to label a man they have just started dating as “my man”???... I mean, they haven’t even been dating that long, and already, they are claiming their territory without really knowing him. Of course, this is also true for the opposite...when a man claims a woman all... Continue Reading →

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