Cheating Husband Contracts Coronavirus During Secret Trip to Italy with Mistress

An unfaithful husband has tested positive for coronavirus after secretly traveling to Italy for his extramarital affair. Italy has been the country hardest hit by the spread of coronavirus, outside of China. The European nation has over 35,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with over 3000 deaths, according to the BBC. The man, who has not been identified,... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day A Day For Cheating and Infidelity

Valentine’s Day is now a known as a “Hallmark holiday” a special day meant to celebrate and express one’s love for one another. Whether it is your spouse, partner or even a lover that you plan to share your affection with be careful because cheating partners tend to celebrate in the midst of the week... Continue Reading →

Shocking Photos of Congresswoman Katie Hill Leaked

In today’s age and times it is more common for nude pictures or content to be leaked on social media .People become upset with their significant others or love interest and can use intimate images and content against them. Congresswoman Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA), is currently in a messy divorce proceeding and break up. She... Continue Reading →

Wife Reads Out Husband’s Affair Texts Instead Of Vows At Wedding| CHEATING HUSBAND| CHEATERS|👰🤵💔

I always like some originality to it comes to catching someone cheating. I think what this wife did at the wedding ceremony was as original as it gets! Check it out! Click here! 

Ozzy Osbourne Cheats on Wife! Hollywood

Well you know you are never too old too cheat especially if you a rich and live in Hollywood! Sharon has kicked out her husband because she  has evidence of him cheating with a Beverly Hills  hair stylist. Viagra and Cialis has changed the game! Now lets see what she will do? She is on... Continue Reading →

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