Invasion of Privacy in Rental Homes

The purpose for romantic vacations and getaways is to escape reality for a few days, to have some alone and private time with your partner and have no distractions. Younger generations are now typically choosing to spend their vacation money by staying at AirBnb’s and similar, instead of hotels because they’re generally cheaper. And although... Continue Reading →


Kardashian Kraze: The psychological effects of staying with a cheating spouse

Everyone knows the Kardashians are no stranger to all forms of drama, but lets be honest most of it always revolves around the men in their lives. From Kourtney to Khloe and Kylie, all of the Kardashian sisters have unfortunately been in unfaithful relationships, and the main similarity between these three sisters specifically is that... Continue Reading →

Spy Gear Under $150.00|WWW.PISPYTOOLS.COM

If you need some spy gear, check out this link http://www.pispytools has some of their gear under $150.00. Get that investigation started today and give yourself some peace of mind. CLICK HERE            


Do you ever get the feeling that your partner is hiding something? Perhaps they are. However, there are many reasons as to why you may be feeling this way. The first to consider is to ask yourself: Are you hiding something from them? Be honest with yourself and if the answer is yes, then that... Continue Reading →

Khloe Kardashian calls out Jordyn Woods after her ‘Red Table Talk’ appearance: ‘You ARE the reason my family broke up’

Kardashians are notorious for someone cheating on one of the sisters. They can control their money but can't control their men.  What mess! I'm sure in time they will all kiss and make up! Read Article Click Here

RIP Clark James Gable | My TRIBUTE To Clark Gable Host of The TV Show CHEATERS

I decide to put a tribute to our host at the TV series "Cheaters" Clark James Gable. I also and a great time with him at the studio every time I saw him.  He was always very pleasant and respectful. RIP my friend Clark James Gable lll. Click Here to watch VIDEO  

Clark James Gable, ‘Cheaters’ Host, Dies at 30| Cheaters TV

Just spoke with Clark on Wednesday, February 20,2019 and on Friday, February 22 he was found dead by his family in Dallas, Texas. RIP my friend see you in heaven.  Pray for his family. Thank You Detective Gomez Read More Click Here 

Body Found of Missing Irving Woman

Sad to say the case I was working on where the young lady was missing, she was submerged in her car in the Cedar Creek Reservoir. I hope soon all test results from the Medical Examiners will return so we can all know how her death occurred. Click here to READ MORE:

Cheaters| Valentines Day Horror Stories Detective Gomez

Had a great time show Hannah Davis with WFAA Ch8 in Dallas, Texas, showing her some great spots I caught some cheaters on Valentine's Day investigating for the TV Series "CHEATERS", check it out! Click Here  to watch

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