The Best Private Detective For You!|Expert Private Detective in DFW

Have you ever wondered what your partner does outside of work? Have you started to become suspicious of their activity? Do you want to take action but don’t know how? Hiring an expert private detective is the first step in solving all your problems. Dallas native, Detective Gomez is the answer to finally giving you... Continue Reading →


He doesn’t trust you? Five signs that your partner may be hiding something from you

It is known that trust is fundamental in any relationship and that privacy is not something you should sacrifice for it to exist however, there are certain signs that simply shouldn’t be ignored because more than being signs of distrust, are signs of infidelity. 1. Won’t leave his pone behind ever and won’t allow you... Continue Reading →

Pastors Wife Blames the Devil for Cheating |Pastor John Gray|New Lamborghini

She got a new Lamborghini in his apology after he got caught cheating. The Devil is blamed for the cheating. I guess is the only words she could utter since he is the Pastor of the Church! She has forgiven him. Hope they make it. Good luck to them both! Detective Gomez Click Here to... Continue Reading →

Why Do Teachers Have Sex with Students?|Texas| Pregnant|Married|Jail

It never ceases to amaze me how this keep happening. I read this story the other day about this woman who was a teacher, married and possibly pregnant by the 15-year-old boy she had sex with. My question is WHY?? This appears to be an epidemic in the United States. Don't hear about this much in other countries.... Continue Reading →

Infidelidad: El Antes Y El Después |Infidelity: The Before and After|Dallas|Fort Worth

  Entrevista a la TV en la que se discute ifidelidad en Telemundo. TV interview discussing infidelity with Norma Garcia  on Telemundo.    

New Year? Time to Evaluate Your Relationship? | 2017

Is the New Year a good time to evaluate your relationship? Yes I think it’s a good time to evaluate your relationship either your partner is true with you or not, although to judge your relationship makes your relation weak, but if you want to evaluate so it’s best time. I trust that if you... Continue Reading →

Who Cheats More, Men or Women?| Dallas|Cheaters|Relationships

Here we go! "Who cheats more, men or women?" This is a great question that people want to know! Watch, Listen and Share!! Visit

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