He doesn’t trust you? Five signs that your partner may be hiding something from you

It is known that trust is fundamental in any relationship and that privacy is not something you should sacrifice for it to exist however, there are certain signs that simply shouldn’t be ignored because more than being signs of distrust, are signs of infidelity. 1. Won’t leave his pone behind ever and won’t allow you... Continue Reading →


The “21 Steps to Catching a Cheater” you didn’t know you needed.

Do you suspect that your spouse is being unfaithful? Are you starting to notice changes in their daily routines? Maybe they’re holding onto their phone more, being distant, not answering your calls or texts on time or as often as they used to. Maybe they're starting to wear different clothes and coming home later. Typically,... Continue Reading →

Servicios Bail Bonds en Dallas Texas | Servicios Atlas Bail Bonds | Downtown Dallas

Atlas Bail Bonds ofrece MUCHOS servicios diferentes incluyendo: Fianzas, Licencia suspendida, Infracciones de tránsito y retiro de orden de arresto, y Fianza en efectivo. Cuando necesita sacar a alguien de la cárcel llámenos. Hay cuatro tipos de fianza principales: Una misdemeanor es una ofensa designada por ley o penable por multa, encarcelamiento, o por multa... Continue Reading →

Wife Reads Out Husband’s Affair Texts Instead Of Vows At Wedding| CHEATING HUSBAND| CHEATERS|👰🤵💔

I always like some originality to it comes to catching someone cheating. I think what this wife did at the wedding ceremony was as original as it gets! Check it out! Click here! 

5 Tools You Need to CATCH A CHEATER| Cheaters| Dallas

So you want to conduct your own investigation? Okay, let us get started the first tool you need to catch a cheater is: Real-time Gps Tracker https://pispytools.com/collections/gps-tracker/products/itrail-solo-gps-tracker Next is a Hidden Camera https://pispytools.com/collections/hidden-spy-cameras/products/usb-charger-hidden-spy-camera Next is an Audio Recorder: https://pispytools.com/collections/covert-audio-recorders/products/covert-usb-voice-recorder-with-voice-activation Next is some Phone Software: https://pispytools.com/collections/phone-monitoring-software And last of all PATIENCE! Not every case can be... Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Getting CATFISHED!

Catfished I get it. Maybe you just got divorced after many years, or your spouse just told you they wanted out. Maybe they’ve moved out of your bed, or worse yet, you’re on the couch. It’s over. You are feeling lonely, rejected and need physical and emotional attention, so meeting someone new online seems like... Continue Reading →


With the #Metoo movement, lots of politicians these days are being ousted and criticized for their “transgressions” as the first of many, Tiger Woods, put it. Just another fancy word for cheating. Since Tiger Woods, more and more men were being called out and they too apologized for their transgressions. Long ago, we rarely ever... Continue Reading →

Detective Gomez Private Eye|Web Series|Episode 2|Lawn Citation

Be sure and check out my new episode on my web series Detective Gomez Private Eye! My Client "Rodney" receives a citation for cutting his yard in the day! The local law enforcement agency threatens to throw him in jail if he does not stop. Check it out! Share with your friends!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9vdLYQ4JvE

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