El Día de San Valentín Es Un Día Para Los Infieles

El Día de San Valentín es conocido como un día especial para celebrar el amor y la amistad. Es un dia festivo para expresar el amor mutuo a su pareja o incluso hasta un amante con quien planea compartir su afeccion. Tengan cuidado porque las parejas que engañan tienden a celebrar a mediados de la... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day A Day For Cheating and Infidelity

Valentine’s Day is now a known as a “Hallmark holiday” a special day meant to celebrate and express one’s love for one another. Whether it is your spouse, partner or even a lover that you plan to share your affection with be careful because cheating partners tend to celebrate in the midst of the week... Continue Reading →

Cheating Disasters Podcast With Detective Gomez

Dating is not always great, cheating on a significant other is even worse. Unfortunately, infidelity is a huge part of modern relationships and happens more often than we would like to admit. Join Detective Gomez if you are looking for a podcast over cheating disasters and relationships. Detective Gomez was the lead private investigator for... Continue Reading →

January, New Year, New Relationships And Breakups!

With the New Year come new beginnings and ambitious desires. Whether your New Years’ resolution was to get into the dating scene or out. January might be the ideal month to start or end your relationship. January tends to be the hottest month to start dating. It is a New Year and many singles want... Continue Reading →

Enero, Año Nuevo Relaciones Nuevas y Rupturas

Con el Año Nuevo vienen nuevos comienzos y ambiciones. Si su resolución de Año Nuevo fue comenzar a ir a citas o salir de una relación enero podría ser el mes ideal para comenzar o terminar con su pareja. Enero tiende ser el mes más caluroso para comenzar a salir a citas y comenzar una nueva relación. Es un año nuevo y muchos solteros quieren un nuevo comienzo y buscan una nueva relación . Según las... Continue Reading →

Catch A Cheater With A GPS

Cheaters Caught with GPS DFWGPSTRAC.com Tracking devices are a necessity in today’s fast paced world. A GPS tracker is the ideal device to monitor a spouse’s whereabouts and catch a cheating spouse without them knowing. Unfortunately, infidelity in marriages is a common issue and anyone can be a victim. If you suspect your husband or... Continue Reading →

Married Prison Officer Is Jailed For Intimate Relations With Inmate

They were caught having sex in the cleaning closet A married prison officer had affair with an inmate for 18 months. The officer was caught having sex with an inmate in a cleaning closet, and is now facing a year in jail as a result of her actions. Daniel Crompton and Rachel Welburn began their... Continue Reading →

6 señales que tu pareja puede ser infiel

Si te preguntas si deberías confiar en tu pareja cuando le dicen que van a llegar tarde al trabajo otra vez o que salen de la casa a altas horas de la noche, que permanecen más tiempo en el gimnasio, que las tiendas de comestibles tardan una eternidad, luego deténgase allí porque si Ya tienes... Continue Reading →

Red flags to look out for if you think your partner is cheating

If you find yourself wondering if you should trust your partner when they say they’re staging late for work again or going out of the house late hours, staying longer at the gym, grocery store runs take forever, then stop right there because if you’re already having doubts, then it means you most likely have... Continue Reading →

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