Invasion of Privacy in Rental Homes

The purpose for romantic vacations and getaways is to escape reality for a few days, to have some alone and private time with your partner and have no distractions. Younger generations are now typically choosing to spend their vacation money by staying at AirBnb’s and similar, instead of hotels because they’re generally cheaper. And although... Continue Reading →


Pastors Wife Blames the Devil for Cheating |Pastor John Gray|New Lamborghini

She got a new Lamborghini in his apology after he got caught cheating. The Devil is blamed for the cheating. I guess is the only words she could utter since he is the Pastor of the Church! She has forgiven him. Hope they make it. Good luck to them both! Detective Gomez Click Here to... Continue Reading →

Best Infidelity Podcast|Cheaters TV |Detective Gomez |Podcast|iTunes

Hello, How is everyone?  I will be uploading a new show weekly on iTunes so be sure to subscribe. I will be talking about cheating obviously, current events and spy tools I use to catch cheaters! So subscribe today!! Click Here to listen Thank you Detective Gomez  

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