6 señales que tu pareja puede ser infiel

Si te preguntas si deberías confiar en tu pareja cuando le dicen que van a llegar tarde al trabajo otra vez o que salen de la casa a altas horas de la noche, que permanecen más tiempo en el gimnasio, que las tiendas de comestibles tardan una eternidad, luego deténgase allí porque si Ya tienes... Continue Reading →

Amber Guyger, Infidelidad y Distracción Sexual 

La ex policía de Dallas, Amber Guyger y su ex amante y compañero de trabajo Martin Rivera, admiterón que tenían una relación e intercambiaron textos explícitos y sexuales al igual fotos provocativas el día que Guyger le disparó a su vecino, Botham Jean, el septiembre pasado. No hay reglas o regulaciones en el Departamento de... Continue Reading →

What Are Murder-Suicides and Red Flags to Look Out For

Murder-Suicides are is a horrible act in which an individual kills one or more people before killing themselves. Every time we turn on the news, we’re starting to hear more about shootings throughout the country where the gunman then terminates his life or even smaller murders where a member of a family decides to do... Continue Reading →

El Mejor Detective Privado Para Ti| Detective Experto en DFW

¿Te has preguntado qué hace tu pareja fuera del trabajo? ¿Has empezado a sospechar de su actividad? ¿Quieres actuar pero no sabes cómo? Contratar a un experto detective privado es el primer paso para resolver todos sus problemas. Nativo de Dallas, el detective Gómez es la respuesta para finalmente darle la tranquilidad que mereces. Durante... Continue Reading →

The Best Private Detective For You!|Expert Private Detective in DFW

Have you ever wondered what your partner does outside of work? Have you started to become suspicious of their activity? Do you want to take action but don’t know how? Hiring an expert private detective is the first step in solving all your problems. Dallas native, Detective Gomez is the answer to finally giving you... Continue Reading →

Keep up on social media!

If you want to know more about how Detective Gomez catches all those cheaters and the drama behind it then keep up with him all his social media channels! Follow him on Instagram  and Youtube to see pictures of his adventures and all the behind the scenes action and footage! Follow him on Facebook and... Continue Reading →

Being Alone Post Breakup

When a relationship comes to and, what follows is always the toughest part. You’re heartbroken, sad and just overwhelmed with negative feelings. This is completely understandable. You’ve shared your life with someone on a very personal level. Shared your fears, your hopes and dreams and suddenly that person who has become a part of your... Continue Reading →

The Age Gap: Does it Matter

A lot of people have this mentality that dating someone five years younger or older is bad. General rule of thumb is no more than three. But what about the people who are 20 years apart or more? How do they make that work, if it does? And is it weird? Most people will argue... Continue Reading →

Online dating for women: What to look out for

Online dating has become the new form of meeting and socializing with the opposite sex and as fun as it may be, there are some precautions that need to be taken into consideration when choosing and meeting someone online. Find out below what red flags you should be looking out for when swiping on one... Continue Reading →

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