Clark James Gable III Memorial Service | Cheaters Crew and Close Friends

We recently had a small memorial service with Clark's family, in Texas Cheaters Crew, and some close friends. In the video, you will Clarks Fiance Summer and his beautiful daughter Shore and other crew members. Enjoy RIP Clark buddy DG Here is a link of some of the photos taken CLICK HERE 


Dealing with your anger post break up

When you find out your boyfriend or girlfriend has cheated on you, its a feeling that you really can’t describe but in simple words, its the feeling of betrayal. The thing about relationships is that when you’re with someone, you are supposed to be a team working together in all aspects of life. You give... Continue Reading →

He doesn’t trust you? Five signs that your partner may be hiding something from you

It is known that trust is fundamental in any relationship and that privacy is not something you should sacrifice for it to exist however, there are certain signs that simply shouldn’t be ignored because more than being signs of distrust, are signs of infidelity. 1. Won’t leave his pone behind ever and won’t allow you... Continue Reading →

So your partner cheated on you: Should you know all the details?

An affair is a symptom of something huge going wrong in a relationship. Trust has been broken and no matter how much you think about it; you can’t stop obsessing over the details. It is actually normal to obsess over it and wanting to know more. However, do you ever wonder how much is “more”?... Continue Reading →

Breaking Family Bonds

In all relationships there are always a set of unspoken rules. Some of them are minor, like when your wife asks if she looks fat in a dress and maybe she does but you must say no she’s beautiful. Absolutely do not tell your wife she looks fat. Other unspoken rules are more serious however... Continue Reading →

Getting in cars with strangers: once dangerous, now normal.

Years ago, the thought of strangers and random people was considered dangerous. Nowadays, its simply normalized into society. Getting into strangers cars, talking with them online is how we communicate now. And even though yes we are told to be cautious and careful, we still never think that the random car we are getting into... Continue Reading →

Los “21 pasos para atrapar a una persona infiel” que no sabias que necesitabas saber.

Tiene sospechas que su pareja esta siendo infiel? Esta empezando a notar cambios en su rutina daría? Puede ser que ahora nunca sueltan el celular, siendo mas distante, no contestando tus llamadas o mensajes como antes. Puede ser que están empezando a usar ropa diferente y llegando a la casa mas tarde. Típicamente, estas son... Continue Reading →

The “21 Steps to Catching a Cheater” you didn’t know you needed.

Do you suspect that your spouse is being unfaithful? Are you starting to notice changes in their daily routines? Maybe they’re holding onto their phone more, being distant, not answering your calls or texts on time or as often as they used to. Maybe they're starting to wear different clothes and coming home later. Typically,... Continue Reading →

Invasión de Privacidad en Casas Alquiladas

El propósito para irse de vacaciones es para escapar la realidad por un dar de días, para tener tiempo a solas y privado con tu pareja sin distracciones. La generación mas joven ahora están escogiendo gastar dinero para sus vacaciones en los AirBnb’s y similar en vez de hoteles porque generalmente son mas baratos. Y... Continue Reading →

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