Tommy Habeeb of Cheaters|Beyond Cheaters Podcast| Detective Gomez

  Meet Tommy Habeeb the original host of the TV Series Cheaters. This is where it all began.  Tommy gives us an insight into how the whole TV Show came about and what he is doing now. Enjoy! Thank you! Be Sure and Subscribe! Detective Gomez Click Here Part 1 with Tommy Habeeb Click Here... Continue Reading →


Kardashian Kraze: The psychological effects of staying with a cheating spouse

Everyone knows the Kardashians are no stranger to all forms of drama, but lets be honest most of it always revolves around the men in their lives. From Kourtney to Khloe and Kylie, all of the Kardashian sisters have unfortunately been in unfaithful relationships, and the main similarity between these three sisters specifically is that... Continue Reading →

Clark James Gable, ‘Cheaters’ Host, Dies at 30| Cheaters TV

Just spoke with Clark on Wednesday, February 20,2019 and on Friday, February 22 he was found dead by his family in Dallas, Texas. RIP my friend see you in heaven.  Pray for his family. Thank You Detective Gomez Read More Click Here 

Best Infidelity Podcast|Cheaters TV |Detective Gomez |Podcast|iTunes

Hello, How is everyone?  I will be uploading a new show weekly on iTunes so be sure to subscribe. I will be talking about cheating obviously, current events and spy tools I use to catch cheaters! So subscribe today!! Click Here to listen Thank you Detective Gomez  

Why Do Teachers Have Sex with Students?|Texas| Pregnant|Married|Jail

It never ceases to amaze me how this keep happening. I read this story the other day about this woman who was a teacher, married and possibly pregnant by the 15-year-old boy she had sex with. My question is WHY?? This appears to be an epidemic in the United States. Don't hear about this much in other countries.... Continue Reading →

New Video! |Man Dragged from United Flight| Blood| Chicago

A new video was released a few hour ago with a man just wanting to get home. Sad, they said he was resisting and fell injuring himself. Watch and see! SMH!!!!

Detective Gomez Private Eye|Web Series|Episode 2|Lawn Citation

Be sure and check out my new episode on my web series Detective Gomez Private Eye! My Client "Rodney" receives a citation for cutting his yard in the day! The local law enforcement agency threatens to throw him in jail if he does not stop. Check it out! Share with your friends!

Man dragged off United Airlines Flight|Chicago|Overbooked Flight

I'm sorry United Airlines, you can't treat people like this! You overbooked your flight. There had to be a better way to fix this problem.  It's simple! Quit overbooking flights!! Click on link! Watch and see!    

LEXUS Presents OBRAS DE ARTE in Dallas,Texas

I recently attended the OBRAS DE ARTE in Dallas, Texas presented by Lexus. This event was great in so many ways, the art, music, people and of course the cars. Lexus truly makes a quality vehicle and to mention their service department is in impeccable. Thank you, Rikki Rincon and Creative Juice for the invite. #VidaLexus... Continue Reading →

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