Khloe Kardashian calls out Jordyn Woods after her ‘Red Table Talk’ appearance: ‘You ARE the reason my family broke up’

Kardashians are notorious for someone cheating on one of the sisters. They can control their money but can't control their men.  What mess! I'm sure in time they will all kiss and make up! Read Article Click Here


Cheaters| Valentines Day Horror Stories Detective Gomez

Had a great time show Hannah Davis with WFAA Ch8 in Dallas, Texas, showing her some great spots I caught some cheaters on Valentine's Day investigating for the TV Series "CHEATERS", check it out! Click Here  to watch

Best Infidelity Podcast|Cheaters TV |Detective Gomez |Podcast|iTunes

Hello, How is everyone?  I will be uploading a new show weekly on iTunes so be sure to subscribe. I will be talking about cheating obviously, current events and spy tools I use to catch cheaters! So subscribe today!! Click Here to listen Thank you Detective Gomez  

How to Avoid Getting CATFISHED!

Catfished I get it. Maybe you just got divorced after many years, or your spouse just told you they wanted out. Maybe they’ve moved out of your bed, or worse yet, you’re on the couch. It’s over. You are feeling lonely, rejected and need physical and emotional attention, so meeting someone new online seems like... Continue Reading →

Safe Christmas Gift for that New Girlfriend|Relationships|Christmas

What is a safe gift to get someone for Christmas, if you have just begun to date?   With respect to the present, keep it basic perhaps a book they have discussed perusing or a bottle of wine which she want to taste. This shows you have great taste yet won't make them uncomfortable. As... Continue Reading →

Boutique by Bordeaux |Girls Clothing |Dallas|Review

I was  looking for a Christmas outfit for my little niece and I ran across this website for little girls. They have the cutest little clothes for girls.  I love their tag line " Girls should be two things: classy and fabulous." I totally agree! Check it out! You can order online. Here is their website... Continue Reading →

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