Breaking Family Bonds

In all relationships there are always a set of unspoken rules. Some of them are minor, like when your wife asks if she looks fat in a dress and maybe she does but you must say no she’s beautiful. Absolutely do not tell your wife she looks fat. Other unspoken rules are more serious however... Continue Reading →


Valentines Day- Make the Right Decision❤

Valentine’s Day - Decisions to Make Before the Big Day! ❤ Valentine’s Day has a way of making us choose and acknowledge whom is important in our lives, whom we want to pursue, and whom we don’t actually want to keep in our lives. It has a way of pressuring us to make commitments and also... Continue Reading →

Cheaters TV Show Podcast| Podcast | iTunes |Detective Gomez|Cheaters

Detective Gomez of the TV Series Cheaters releases he first podcast! Please search on iTunes for "Beyond Cheaters: The Detective Gomez Files" Detective Daniel Gomez will be discussing the TV Show Cheaters, Infidelity and different gadgets he is using to catch Cheaters in the act. Tune in weekly. Episodes begin airing in January 7,2019 Share... Continue Reading →

Wife Reads Out Husband’s Affair Texts Instead Of Vows At Wedding| CHEATING HUSBAND| CHEATERS|👰🤵💔

I always like some originality to it comes to catching someone cheating. I think what this wife did at the wedding ceremony was as original as it gets! Check it out! Click here! 

Surviving a Breakup | Being Alone is OK

Breakups are never easy. I remember breaking up with my girlfriend for some very good reasons once, but then feeling that I simply couldn’t live without her the next day. No matter how bad you want the breakup, it is still hard if you care about them. And we all know that simply caring about... Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Dating Men with Nicknames| Dating Advice in 2018

I was talking to a friend of mine who was going on and on about a guy she called Rico, whom she was dating. She was actually head over heels for this guy and even introduced him to her kids. Recently, however, I got a pretty frantic phone call from her. She said her identity... Continue Reading →

|El detective que busca infidelidad en Dallas||Hablamos Espanol

La Agencia de Detectives Gómez ha estado sirviendo en el área de Dallas / Fort Worth del norte de Texas durante más de una década, especializándose en atrapar a esposas infieles, y se desempeña como detective principal del exitoso reality show CHEATERS. El Detective Gómez ha utilizado sus muchos años de servicio en la fuerza... Continue Reading →


¿En la cárcel por un delito? Échenos un grito! ¡Llame a Atlas Bail Bonds inmediatamente! Somos la mejor opción para la comunidad Hispana y hablamos Español. Nuestra agencia le brindará asistencia de confianza al explicar cada paso del proceso de “bond” y hacemos todo lo posible para que el proceso sea fácil para usted. Ofrecemos... Continue Reading →

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