Dealing with your anger post break up

When you find out your boyfriend or girlfriend has cheated on you, its a feeling that you really can’t describe but in simple words, its the feeling of betrayal. The thing about relationships is that when you’re with someone, you are supposed to be a team working together in all aspects of life. You give... Continue Reading →


He doesn’t trust you? Five signs that your partner may be hiding something from you

It is known that trust is fundamental in any relationship and that privacy is not something you should sacrifice for it to exist however, there are certain signs that simply shouldn’t be ignored because more than being signs of distrust, are signs of infidelity. 1. Won’t leave his pone behind ever and won’t allow you... Continue Reading →

Khloe Kardashian calls out Jordyn Woods after her ‘Red Table Talk’ appearance: ‘You ARE the reason my family broke up’

Kardashians are notorious for someone cheating on one of the sisters. They can control their money but can't control their men.  What mess! I'm sure in time they will all kiss and make up! Read Article Click Here

Cheaters TV Show Podcast| Podcast | iTunes |Detective Gomez|Cheaters

Detective Gomez of the TV Series Cheaters releases he first podcast! Please search on iTunes for "Beyond Cheaters: The Detective Gomez Files" Detective Daniel Gomez will be discussing the TV Show Cheaters, Infidelity and different gadgets he is using to catch Cheaters in the act. Tune in weekly. Episodes begin airing in January 7,2019 Share... Continue Reading →

Subscribe to my YOUTUBE Channel! |Detective Gomez

Always enjoy sharing my different adventures as a private detective! Stop by my YOUTUBE channel and watch, like and SUBSCRIBE to my channel! Thank you Detective Gomez Click Here!  and start watching today!  

Tips on Fighting for Child Custody

If you find yourself planning for a divorce, whether it is due to a cheating spouse, or because your spouse has sprung it upon you, despite money or possessions, getting custody of the children rises to the top of the priority list very quickly. When you decide the children will be better off with you... Continue Reading →

Infidelidad: El Antes Y El Después |Infidelity: The Before and After|Dallas|Fort Worth

  Entrevista a la TV en la que se discute ifidelidad en Telemundo. TV interview discussing infidelity with Norma Garcia  on Telemundo.    

What is Valentine’s Day? |February 14

Valentine's Day ❤ It’s is basically given by American and this day celebrate every year, 14th of February around the world. it was ordinarily had confidence in France and England that February 14 was the start of flying creatures' mating season, which added to the possibility that the center of Valentine's Day ought to be... Continue Reading →

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