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Hello, How is everyone?  I will be uploading a new show weekly on iTunes so be sure to subscribe. I will be talking about cheating obviously, current events and spy tools I use to catch cheaters! So subscribe today!! Click Here to listen Thank you Detective Gomez  


John Bobbitt speaks out on ABC’s 20/20|25 years after wife infamously cut off his Penis

This story is always a great conversation piece. Some guys wife cuts off her husband penis. Click Here to read the story!

5 Tools You Need to CATCH A CHEATER| Cheaters| Dallas

So you want to conduct your own investigation? Okay, let us get started the first tool you need to catch a cheater is: Real-time Gps Tracker Next is a Hidden Camera Next is an Audio Recorder: Next is some Phone Software: And last of all PATIENCE! Not every case can be... Continue Reading →

What is Micro-Cheating?|Are you a Micro-Cheater?

Are You Micro-Cheating? Micro-Cheating is the new, trendy word for when someone walks on the line of cheating but does not cross it. It could be, but not limited to, texting, talking on the phone or chatting online with someone without physical contact. Micro-cheating looks different to every relationship and has any number of levels... Continue Reading →

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