Cheaters TV Show Podcast| Podcast | iTunes |Detective Gomez|Cheaters

Detective Gomez of the TV Series Cheaters releases he first podcast! Please search on iTunes for "Beyond Cheaters: The Detective Gomez Files" Detective Daniel Gomez will be discussing the TV Show Cheaters, Infidelity and different gadgets he is using to catch Cheaters in the act. Tune in weekly. Episodes begin airing in January 7,2019 Share... Continue Reading →


Cheaters Podcast |Beyond Cheaters: The Detective Gomez Files|CHEATERS

How is everyone doing? Starting a podcast in January 2019.  Subscribe today! Any topics that you are interested in discussing let me know. Here is the link! Click Here!   

5 Tools You Need to CATCH A CHEATER| Cheaters| Dallas

So you want to conduct your own investigation? Okay, let us get started the first tool you need to catch a cheater is: Real-time Gps Tracker Next is a Hidden Camera Next is an Audio Recorder: Next is some Phone Software: And last of all PATIENCE! Not every case can be... Continue Reading →

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