Introduciendo Abogada Angela Mata

Alumna de la Facultad de Derecho de SMU, Angela Mata ha estado luchando por la justicia en el área de Dallas por más de 10 años. Su extensa e increíblemente impresionante carrera incluye áreas de práctica en defensa penal, como delitos menores, derecho de familia como custodia de niños y más. Nacida en Dallas, Angela... Continue Reading →


Introducing Angela Mata Law

Introducing Angela Mata Law SMU Law School Alumni, Angela Mata has been fighting for justice in the Dallas area for more than 10 years. Her extensive and incredibly impressive career includes practice areas in criminal defense, such as misdemeanor offenses, family law such as child custody and more. Being born in Dallas, Angela has fought... Continue Reading →

Rocio Cervantes Attorney: The Solution For All Your Legal Problems

Rocio Cervantes is highly accomplished bilingual attorney in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that focuses on family law at O’Neil Wysocki Family Law. Being from Mexico, Rocio has deep roots with the latin communities in Dallas. As a bilingual attorney, Rocio is able to put her professionalism and dedication to both English and Spanish speaking clients.... Continue Reading →

Detenido? Problemas legales? Actue rapido!

¿Se metió en problemas legales, aterrizó en la cárcel y necesita una salida rápida? Llame a Atlas Bail Bonds! ¡Son la principal agencia de fianzas número uno en la ciudad y tienen cuatro ubicaciones en el Dallas Metroplex! ¡Si se dirige a un viaje inesperado a Lew Sterret, su fianza se podría completar  antes de... Continue Reading →

Arrested? Don’t Waste Time!

Got yourself into legal trouble, landed in jail and need a fast way out? Call Atlas Bail Bonds! They are the top, number one bail bond agency in the city and have four locations in the Dallas Metroplex! If you happen to be heading on a trip to Lew Sterret, your bail bond could be... Continue Reading →

Wendy Williams’ Biting Message to Women Who Cheat with Married Men| Cheaters Detective Gomez

It appears Wendy Williams is sending a message to women who cheat with married men. I also believed she is sending a message to the woman who cheated with her man. You decide! Detective Gomez Be sure and subscribe! Visit Click Here to Read!     


Do you ever get the feeling that your partner is hiding something? Perhaps they are. However, there are many reasons as to why you may be feeling this way. The first to consider is to ask yourself: Are you hiding something from them? Be honest with yourself and if the answer is yes, then that... Continue Reading →

Valentines Day- Make the Right Decision❤

Valentine’s Day - Decisions to Make Before the Big Day! ❤ Valentine’s Day has a way of making us choose and acknowledge whom is important in our lives, whom we want to pursue, and whom we don’t actually want to keep in our lives. It has a way of pressuring us to make commitments and also... Continue Reading →

Pastors Wife Blames the Devil for Cheating |Pastor John Gray|New Lamborghini

She got a new Lamborghini in his apology after he got caught cheating. The Devil is blamed for the cheating. I guess is the only words she could utter since he is the Pastor of the Church! She has forgiven him. Hope they make it. Good luck to them both! Detective Gomez Click Here to... Continue Reading →

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