But Who’s Underwear Are These Anyway?Aw Hell No, Those Aren’t My Panties!|Vixen Erika Jayne and Tom Giardi

But Who’s Underwear Are These Anyway? Aw Hell No, Those Aren’t My Panties! Vixen Erika Jayne and her long time hubby and infamous attorney, Tom Giardi are splitsville.  We have seen the headlines of the demise of their marriage for weeks now.  Between the bankruptcy, the lawsuits, and the divorce, both parties are scrambling for... Continue Reading →

Jersey Shore Stars Angelina and Chris are On Again, Off Again, & On Again.

Jersey Shore Stars Angelina and Chris are On Again, Off Again, & On Again. The Shore’s Angelina and Chris, Divorce is Called Off? Have you heard the news?  Angelina and Chris are back together.   What?!?  She said on the show that Chris had left, she filed for divorce, I don’t believe you. Yes, it is... Continue Reading →

The Case of the Missing Father…You ARE the father! | Detective Gomez

Episode #5 Trackers The Case of the Missing Father...You ARE the father! Another captivating episode of Trackers!  In this revealing episode, you are in the front seat to ride along with Detective Daniel Gomez as he tracks down a man on the run, a father in denial, a deadbeat dad. Let’s set the stage: It... Continue Reading →

Andrew Cuomo…A Different Time, A Different Place

Andrew Cuomo… He touched her.  He kissed her.  He employed her and held all the power. Andrew Cuomo, we have all heard about him and where his hands have been.  It is all over the news and probably will be for a few more weeks. The investigation that was performed by very qualified and skilled... Continue Reading →

Busted! The Picture Tells The Whole Story| Sydney Kinsch | Tick Tock

When A Single Pic Changed Her Life Forever If you haven’t seen Sydney Kinsch’s TikTok video yet?  I highly recommend you view it.   In a nutshell, Sydney’s loving boyfriend of over four years, had sent her a quick selfie from his cell phone while he was out, just to say that he is thinking of... Continue Reading →

Trackers, Episode 4  Just Working Out, in the Parking Garage | Detective Gomez

Trackers, Episode 4: You Are Working Out, Where? Just when you thought it could not get any more exciting as the last episode, Trackers comes up with Episode 4.  Wow! In this case, Investigator Daniel Gomez has been hired by a loving girlfriend that is gravely concerned about her relationship with her long time boyfriend. ... Continue Reading →

Dr. Han Jo Kim & Miss USA Regina Turner: The Surgeon and the Tramp

The Doctor and the Tramp He is a very talented, very successful spinal surgeon, known across the United States. She is a beauty queen, chemistry major, and living off of her inheritance....Or is she? The recent divorce of the lovely former Miss USA Regina Turner and her hubby Dr. Han Jo Kim, has been the... Continue Reading →

Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka:  It’s OkayTo Not Be Okay.

Simone Biles:  Opening the Conversation on Mental Health Headlines: Naomi Osaka, number one seed,  drops out of Wimbledon. Simone Biles cites mental health as she withdraws from her Olympic dream. It has been worldwide news, internet fire, and a topic of discussion that has been ignored for decades.  Mental health. One of the top contributors... Continue Reading →

Trackers: The Hottest New Investigative YouTube Channel | Detective Gomez

Trackers:  Finding the Liars in Your Life Trackers takes you with one of the Nation’s top private investigators, as he chases down tricksters and deceivers, to expose the truth for his many clients.  From secret post office boxes to clandestine massage parlors, you are there to see everything that this brave private investigator sees. Ride... Continue Reading →

You Are Not Alone | Do Not Fear The ExtraMarital Affair

You Are Not Alone An ExtraMarital Affair; The Lowest Point of Your Life  Picture this scenario: An email in your inbox says that your husband has been cheating with another woman. A mysterious phone call, from an unknown number claims to be dating your wife. A t-shirt found in the back seat of the car.... Continue Reading →

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