Is There Really A Difference?  Sex vs Making Love

He Says It’s Just Sex...It Doesn’t Mean Anything Is There Really A Difference?  Sex vs Making Love It is one of the oldest stories around:  Guy marries the girl.  Guy cheats on the girl.  Guy tells the girl that it was just sex, it didn’t mean a thing.  I still love you.  Girl believes the... Continue Reading →

Jennifer Lopez: A Woman Who Knows What She Needs| Enough is Enough!

Jennifer Lopez:  Nobody’s Fool After Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck broke up, everyone was rooting for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.  After the failure of the relationship with Ben Affleck, the beautiful and talented Jennifer Lopez deserved to be happy.  Alex and Jennifer made a seemingly perfect couple.  The headlines were full of the two... Continue Reading →

Jeffree Star, Andre Marhold, Kanye West?:  Was It All Worth It? | Secret Affairs

Jeffree Star: Threats of Bodily Harm Love That Comes With a Threat Jeffree Star….we have all heard his name.  He is the makeup artist, Youtube influencer, and star of Hollywood gossip sites. Jeffree Star is not just known for his skills in beauty and makeup, but he is also known for his sexual escapades.  Very... Continue Reading →

When a Co-Worker Becomes More Than Just a Coworker | Infidelity at Work

Affairs of the Heart in the Office Setting Going out to lunch with the department. Everyone takes breaks in the parking lot. A quick cell phone call after business hours to check details on the project. Innocent daily office happenings? Or the first steps to an office affair? 58% of all office employees have had... Continue Reading →

Stop the Mental Torture, Now!|No More Cheating!

When To Say, “Enough is Enough While stuck in traffic, on the way to work, your mind wanders to questions like: Where was my husband last night, when we had a dinner date? or… Why does my wife keep changing the passwords on her social media accounts? Am I crazy, paranoid, or both? Sound familiar? ... Continue Reading →

Women – The Best Liars On Earth

Women or Men?  Which is the Proven Liar? Believe it or not, the question,”Who is the best liar, men or women?”  is being researched and written about around the world by scientists and authors.   Is there a difference between the two sexes and their abilities to evade the truth? Studies say most definitely.  In... Continue Reading →

National Cheater Hunter Detective Gomez

Who Is Detective Daniel Gomez? Officer Gomez, Detective Gomez, Daniel, whatever name you know him by, Daniel Gomez has been seen all over the world, conducting investigations and revealing unfaithful mates for people for decades.  But what makes this man the expert that he is today?  What is the force that drives him to assist... Continue Reading →

Infidelity 101 “The Basics” How to Indentify a Cheater| Infidelity Online Class

You have that sinking feeling that something is just not right... Things between you and your soulmate are strange, almost distant… You just can’t put your finger on it… 20% of married couples admit to infidelity.  70% of unmarried couples admit to cheating on their partner. Each and every one of these couples are devastated... Continue Reading →

Khloe Kardashian…..Tristan Thompson Does Not Want You!!

The Khloe vs Tristan Saga….When Will It Finally End? October 7, 2017 - Tristan Thompson brazenly cheats on Khloe Kardashian. February 19, 2019 - Reports surface Tristan Thompson has cheated again, with Jordyn Woods. April 27, 2021 - Tristan Thompson Caught on Video Cheating on Khloe. June 21, 2021 - Caught again, Tristan Thompson Seen... Continue Reading →

Great American Cookies Donates to Covid-19 Survivor/Detective Gomez

I got a phone call last week from Sherry Fontaine who is the General Manager at the Great American Cookies store in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas. I had recently recovered from Covid-19 and Covid pnemonia. I was a regular customer of the store before I came down with the virus. She reached out... Continue Reading →

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