Big Booty Latina AOC and Alex Stein the Troll! | Politics and Comedy Combined! | Politicians Beware!

Alex Stein:  Troll or Truth Alex Stein, self proclaimed right wing “comedian who prides himself with successfully trolling public figures.  Not too many people outside of Republican circles had heard of Alex Stein recently.  Proudly residing in the DFW metro area of north Texas, this little known stand up comedian shot to internet fame by... Continue Reading →

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Dainty Puddings, Best Pudding Cups Ever

Dainty Puddings, Art in a Cup Pudding, mmmmm. It brings back memories of being a kid. Pudding just doesn’t taste like it used to. Especially those little plastic cups. If you are of a certain age group, you even remember the pudding skin. But the younger generations do not know what “good” pudding really is.... Continue Reading →

Dallas Is #1 For Cheaters Per Capita, Than Any Other City In The US

Wanna Find A Cheater?? Come To Dallas Texas When you hear that Dallas Texas is #1…what is the first thing that you think of?? Did the Dallas Cowboys win the SuperBowl?  Sorry, this hasn’t happened in many years. Did the Rangers win the World Series?  Sorry, this will not be happening in the near future.... Continue Reading →

Queen Elizabeth II, Longest Reigning Monarch of Britain Passes

The Royal Palace Announces “Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth Has Passed” God Save The Queen… We have all heard the song that is the British national anthem. Did you know that the version of the song as we know it, is referring to Queen Elizabeth herself?Not just a general anthem like The Star Spangled Banner. It... Continue Reading →

Olivia Newton John, Gone But Not Forgotten

Another Iconic Legend Is Gone 2022 has been a bad year for losing our heroes and icons. There have been so many of Hollywood's greats that have died, leaving us with the many memories of their performances and contributions to society.  Olivia Newton John, anyone older than 20 years old has seen or at least... Continue Reading →

Chaos Ensues As Love Field Airport Shooter Rants ” My Husband Cheated, Now I Am Gonna Shoot This Place Up!!”

Chaos Ensues As Love Field Shooter Rants  People Take Cover As Woman Shoots Up Love Field On July 26,2022 Portia Odufuwa was dropped off at Love Field Airport, where she entered with no luggage. She then entered the restroom, and according to the security video, changed her shirt into a hoodie. This is where the... Continue Reading →

Nichelle Nichols, of ‘Star Trek’ Actress, Dies at 89

I have always been a fan of the original Star Trek. Very sad the hear the passing of Nichelle Nichols. She made history as one of the first Black women to appear in a leading role on television. She captivated television audiences as Lt. Nyota Uhura and died on July 30 at age 89. I... Continue Reading →

Infidelity 101 MasterClass Registration| Online course for Infidelity

Why do you need  this Infidelity Masterclass? You feel lost and need some direction.  You have never experienced the emotional rollercoaster caused by a cheating partner. Infidelity can turn your life upside down from one day to the next.  It will overtake your thoughts.  Detective Gomez is one of the only detectives that has walked... Continue Reading →

Indiana Woman Tracks Her Way To Murder Charges| Kills him after finding him with another woman’

Good Intentions, Gone Bad Recently, it has been reported that an Indianapolis woman has been charged with the murder of her boyfriend after tracking him with an Apple AirTag, a commonly used device, usually used on possessions, not boyfriends.  After tracking him to a bar, she witnessed him with another woman.  And that is where... Continue Reading →

 Online Lover Kills Husband for Wife| Jennifer Faith

Jennifer Faith, The Wife Who You Shouldn't Put Faith In  Online Lover Kills Husband for Wife Dallas Texas resident, Jennifer Faith sentenced to life for murder for hire in hunsbands death. Jennifer Faith, a woman who, for years, loved her husband, is now looking at life in prison for the murder for hire job she... Continue Reading →

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