Who Is Cassandra Garcia Hernandez? The Next Texas Representative HD70…Cassandra Garcia Hernandez.

Texas born and raised, Cassandra Garcia Hernandez comes from an extended family that raised her with compassion for others and an exceptional work ethic that she carried with her into adulthood.  After graduating from Garland’s Naaman Forest High School, Cassandra knew that she wanted to pursue a career in which she could assist others. “I... Continue Reading →

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Detective Gomez on TamCam Podcast

Great interview on TamCam Podcast! Enjoy! I always enjoy doing interviews and talk about the good days on Cheaters. Be sure and check it out! Here is the link click HERE!

Online Romance Scams|Don’t Send Money!

We all have very similar stories of 2021…with the pandemic came self isolation, home delivery, working from home, and the uptick in social media for our interactions with family and friends. Many of us resorted to online chat rooms or social apps to meet new people and make new connections. And many of these new... Continue Reading →

Kanye West Vs Kim Kardashian|Celebrity Divorce

Yes, Kanye West has rejoined Instagram…again. Yes, Kanye West is going after Pete Davidson, Kim’s new man…again. Yes, Kanye West is quoted in a post saying, “I HAVE FAITH THAT WE‘LL BE BACK TOGETHER…” referring to Kim K…again. Kanye has got to get over it. Kanye has got to move on. When a woman is... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Weekend: SuperBowl, Valentine’s Day and Infidelity, Who Wins?

Sports Headlines:  SuperBowl Double Header, Never Before Seen SuperBowl Party or QuarterBack Sneak This SuperBowl is the only one in recent history that falls on the day before Valentine’s Day. This is the first year that cheaters will be given the opportunity to play around on both days, with different partners.  What a game! “I... Continue Reading →

Kanye West, On The Outside Looking In At Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

Kanye/Kim/Pete….The Drama Lives On Kanye West, On The Outside Looking In At Kim K. and Pete D. And the headlines continue: Kanye purchases a home across the street from Kim Kardashian and kids. Kanye claims that Kim won’t let him see the children. Kanye, Kanye, Kanye. I know one person that doesn’t have Kanye on... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day #1 Day for Cheating

Cupid Isn’t The Only One Watching Couples On Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is for lovers. We shower our loved ones with cards and flowers, candy and dinner, and we get all caught up in the day and all that it has become.  Who wouldn’t feel all warm and loved after receiving a token of your... Continue Reading →

NFL Sunday for the Record Books|Bills vs Chiefs| Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen|Sportsmanship Still Exist!

NFL Game of the Decade If you watched last Sunday’s football games, you got your money’s worth. Everyone is talking about the field goals, the amazing touchdowns, and of course… The NFL overtime rule. Regardless of who you had your money on, it was kind of devastating to see the Buffalo Bills sitting on the... Continue Reading →

Mojitos…Detective Gomez’s Favorite Drink

A Private Detectives Favorite Refreshment What is one question that Detective Daniel Gomez gets asked all the time? The most popular question he gets is… “What do you do in your down time?” “What does a detective do when he isn’t peeking around corners and looking through binoculars?” “I love a good mojito. Whether on... Continue Reading →

Antonio Brown…Temper Tantrum For All To See| Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Antonio Brown…Bad Decisions or Victim Every NFL fan around the world saw the Antonio Brown meltdown last Sunday. He threw his team gear into the crowd and danced off of the field. And as expected he was fired the next day. Antonio Brown has now come out with a list of causes that caused his... Continue Reading →

Before You Start, You Must Have a Plan – Don’t Investigate On Emotions

You Wouldn’t Run A Marathon Without Training and Preparing “Hello?  I need you to catch my husband cheating, tonight.” “Is my boyfriend cheating on me?  I can’t endure not knowing another minute.” “I think my wife is cheating on me, can you catch her by next week?” What is wrong with all of these questions? ... Continue Reading →

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